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I said to Onumblr I’d do this, but I’m not really one for tagging memes so…if anyone enjoys it, please leave me a message and I’ll do the questions thing for ya!

12. Do you have a mug you prefer over others? Describe it. — It’s one my fiancee brought me from Texas. I love it because I have tea mugs - the set I bought for my flat and then a few I have from travels and ones  with some proverbs and quotations from famous Scottish authors …and then that one. And I love it because it looks so out of place. And it’s also navy where all my other tea mugs are clear and white.

13. Do you believe in superstitions? I climbed the David Hume Tower and then walked down and rode the elevator to the 13th floor because of this. I’m still alive, are I not?

14. What is your preferred way to stay warm? I.E. A Sweatshirt, a Blanket, a Jacket. I’m a blanket person. Hot water bottle also. I am perpetually cold and I relish the opportunity to snuggle into things. People, warm blankets, bottles and overlarge jackets…but I’m also easily stifled so…yeah. I like blankets or people because you can move away from them or adjust them. or layers. I

15. I’m assuming you have headphones, what color are they/what design do they have? White (not Apple!) Simple earbuds.

16. Have you ever done any drugs, illegally? Um. I smoked pot once. It really did nothing for me so I don’t bother.

17. When was the last time you rode your bicycle? 3 years ago. I used to bike everywhere in Undergrad.

18. Do you use a mouse? Do you use a mouse-pad with it? What does it look like? Nope, trackpoint. Mine has…smudges

18. Are you a poster fanatic? No…My fiancee is the one with the posters.

19. The last time you had bacon? Parma ham in my calzone?!

20. Preferred perfume/cologne? Perfume. Actually I am a fiend about pefrume.

21. Are you a Potterhead? YES.

22. Favorite Stuffed animal? Blue Pony. A stuffed My Little Pony pony with a blue body and a pink mane and tail. I’ve had it since I was a kid and 1984 Sept.6 was when I was born.

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Gonna read the last two chapters of NotLW. (Night of the Living Wheatley)

….voice is dead shot from rehearsals but if you’d like to join I’ll um…yeah. sit around.

Hey…anyone familiar with Persian cuisine?


I want to get it because it’s an interesting word and probably not pronounced at ALL like how I think it should be pronounced

Fic: A Matter Of Remorse (aka: Happy PortalVersary) 2/2


Title: A Matter of Remorse 2/2

Status: Complete

Fandom: Portal

Rating: NC-17 (M on fanfiction.net)

Genre: Porn With (Dubious) Plot

Warnings: Happy Portalversary you lot! Have some ChellxGLaDOSxWheatley, Autoerotic asphyxiation and um, I guess if you’re not interested in core!Wheatley and chassis!GLaDOS (no humanized or android versions here.) then this won’t be your thing.

Pairings: Threesome (See above.)

Summary: Wheatley is rescued from space, only to find out that Chell had been asked to meet some rather unusual conditions for the nature of his rescue…

Disclaimer: Portal is Valve’s

Part 1 is here

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fuchsiamae asked: Hey, could you look over this first bit of Severance for me? I think I've finally got the intro presentable enough for another set of eyes, and I trust your judgment with making words and such.

Sure I can do that! Want to send it here or on skype or something?


So what do people consider ‘social justice blogging’? It’s got a pretty negative connotation, but honestly, I support educating people on their ignorance..and helping them out of it. I mean, people can’t learn without someone helping them. I had no idea what gender fluidity, cisgendered, etc were…

I don’t think there’s anything ‘wrong’ with social justice.  The only time anything’s wrong with it is when no one discusses it…and worse? If someone doesn’t want to learn in the first place. I don’t mind being told I’m wrong when I say something wrong.

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Feminist Frequency on race and casting for The Hunger Games

Can I say I love that this woman actually acknowledges stuff like this in her videos?

Oooh good. I put off watching this video because I assumed she wouldn’t touch on this issue. TIME TO GO OFF AND WATCH IIIIT

While I am normally a huge advocate of let’s talk stop white washing our characters, THIS PARTICULAR CASE I just can’t agree with Katniss being a POC. Because all I can think of my mother and I don’t ever want to think of my mother and particularly in this case because she’s a racist idjit but SHE is the first person who comes to mind when I hear olive skin and she’s also really blonde.

And then I think of myself and wonder that if all the things I could get from my grandmother, hair was the only thing? And it’s black and straight but it didn’t stop me from getting well…light eyes (I want to meet God and punch his fucking face in for hererochromia) and also you can pretty well see my heart beating under my skin.

So I could be so so so wrong about how Suzanne Collins meant Katniss to look but  I also sort of look at her descriptions of black people (Rue/Thresh/District 11 in general) and that only seems to solidify my thoughts that this doesn’t hold

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Anonymous asked: What characters do you identify with?

Oof. For some reason I tend to pick characters who embody traits I do not like in myself when I answer these questions.

Voldemort, Rimmer (Red Dwarf if you’re unaware) and Zaphod Beeblebrox are probably my top choices.

Evil!Wheatley and Onceler in Greedler mode if you want something a little more recently accessible.

Now I do hope that I try to beat these traits out of me because while it’s an accurate cross-section of my personality it’s not something I’m proud of.

Next time I do a livestream I’m totally going to do it with my webcam on

I’m one of those elusive hand talkers so I’m fairly sure it’s going to be funny.

Anonymous asked: You want questions? Do you consider yourself a good person?

Oh VERY nice. Um. It depends on your standard of ‘good’ I think, which is the copout answer if I left it there.

In  terms of existential awareness, I can’t call myself good OR bad. I really legitimately want to take over the universe, never mind the world+ and I have some pretty severe depression issues and I have revenge fantasies and I haven’t been 100% scrupulous…which probably don’t work in my favour  but on the other hand, who HASN’T say, lied once or twice and even gotten away with it and what kid didn’t get caught doing something they shouldn’t have done. I don’t think the time I got caught taking $20 from my mum at 12 years old makes me worthy of an eternity in hell. I regretted it more for getting grounded and yelled at but I guess: did I ever do it again? No.

I could sit here picking apart every thing I do and assigning points to the good and bad bits until the cows come home: Acute megalomania = bad. Narcissism = bad. Gives money to charity = good. Tries to tell the truth where possible = good. Once lied about being sick to stay home from school = bad.

Once you get into things like the last bit, that theory of trying to assign bits and pieces to certain aspects of your life to define yourself as a good person or a bad person falls apart.

I guess…Characters like Wheatley and Voldemort the Onceler are ones I personally identify with (probably the ones I think you’d all know) having moments of “I wish you were real and not a composite of tv trope tropes because I’d like to sit down and talk to you a bit since It would give me cause to understand myself a lot more than I do.”

If you’re surprised to see Voldemort on that list - a character who really does do things I personally consider ‘bad’ if not downright evil, they’re just all characters who I have a lot in common with in terms of personal experiences the experience of having a family who doesn’t really support you or thinks nothing of you until you are doing something worth noting. (Hi mum and dad. Now that I’m a doctor you’re taking interest in me? I’m sorry where were you when I had cancer?) - I think those are things that dictate how one experiences the world and probably would drive a person who desires self-worth to do things that are inherently bad.

So if you want to know if I’m a good person or not, I think I’m going to say no, I’m not. But I’m also a person who would be happy to work towards good.